It is your time for reflection and renewal. At KAAFI COUNSELING, we are excited to join you and invite you to a safe space to find ways of living your best life and to bring abundance into your life.  Our wellness retreats are held at local and international locations to bring powerful individuals in our communities together for soul nourishing and refreshing facilitated conversations on life, healing and wellness.


If you are looking for opportunities to reconnect with yourself and ready to re-imagine a new life, come and join us for this 3 days and 2 nights opportunity for meaningful sisterhood connections, relaxation, fun, laughter and healing! 

Our Wellness Retreat during July of 2019 in Toronto; Canada was a huge success. THANK YOU to all who have gathered with us for the soul nourishing and facilitated conversations on renewal, wellness and personal transformation!

Registration for our upcoming Wellness Retreat are closed now due to current travel restrictions. However, we are open for early interest inquiries for our all-inclusive packages that include travel, lodging, food, and Wellness Coaching sessions. Please join us to to hear about the big announcement of our next Wellness Retreat destination.

Join us to learn about the next wellness retreat destination.

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