Psychosocial and Educational Programs

Our Wellness Groups are designed to support your journey towards your optimum growth and personal transformation. Facilitated by our clinicians, online or face to face, our groups focus on creating a safe environment and an atmosphere of resilience, hope and mastery for you. You will be able to; a) express shared experiences and master new effective ways to manage life stressors; b) gain social supports and inspiration; c) strengthen resiliency, coping skills, self-compassion and mindful self-care d) develop strategies to support recovery, personal growth, and healing. The curriculum, activities, materials, and handouts developed for these Wellness Groups are always contextualized to support you connect the material to your lived everyday experiences. Our skills-building and early intervention approach will enhance the learning experiences by creating emotional and cognitive opportunities for you to understand, explore, and process. At KAAFI Counseling, we are proud to host a variety of support, therapeutic and educational group therapy sessions. We take pride in our small group formats. We are currently offering the following Wellness Groups:

In response to the National Call to Action to close the gap of the availability and accessibility to culturally relevant mental health services and supports for our youth, we are very delighted to announce our Spring Break Retreat for Young Black Male Students (16-18 age group).  Early Registration is now open, so please register early.

This weekly group meeting is for professional women who are ready to lean in during transition periods in their journey to cultivate their own unique pathways toward rediscovery, purpose and joy.

Our skilled group facilitators have grounded knowledge and deep understanding of our communities and continue to build on existing resilience within each individual, family and community.