Psychosocial and Educational Programs

Wellness and cultivating a healthy lifestyle are rewarding and worthy life goals.

It is also about strengthening and protecting your mental and emotional health.

Here is our gift to support you on your path

to create a balanced life and integrate mindfulness and self-compassion in as little

as 15 minutes a day

The power of Kaafi Counseling Wellness Groups is in the design of integrated support for your  mental and emotional health.

At KAAFI Counseling, we are proud to host a variety of support, therapeutic and educational group therapy sessions (see below). Our signature and curated groups and retreats are part of our Balanced Life Series designed to support your journey towards your optimum healing, growth, and personal transformation.

Safe and Inclusive Spaces:

Safe and inclusive spaces

Facilitated by our clinicians and/or our certified coaches, our groups focus on creating a safe environment and an atmosphere of inclusion, resilience, hope, and mastery (??) for you.
As you participate in your group of choice (see below), you will find a
supportive atmosphere where you can:

  1. express share (? choose one) )experiences and discover new pathways
    to master (?) effective ways to manage life’s stressors;
  2. gain social supports and inspiration;
  3. strengthen your resilience, coping skills, self-compassion, and
    mindful self-care
  4. develop strategies to support recovery, personal growth, and healing.
Safe and inclusive spaces

Curated and Developed with You in Mind:

Curated and developed

Our group activities, materials, and handouts are curated and developed for Kaafi Counseling Wellness Groups are always contextualized to support you connect the material to your everyday experiences.
Our skills-building and early intervention approach will enhance participation experiences by creating emotional and cognitive opportunities for you to understand, explore, and process.

Curated and developed

Register Early:

Register Early

We intentionally design our group to be small as it relates to the number of participants because we value meaningful interactions and supports between and within our group members. We believe deeper healing and connections can be achieved in smaller group formats. So, we encourage you to register early as these groups fill out quickly.

Most of our groups are facilitated weekly and run approximately 8 – 12 week sessions. Our groups also rotate, so please register for any group of your choice and our group facilitators will contact you for start dates and to confirm your registration.
We are currently offering the following skill-based and/or process groups:…

Register Early

The Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness and Self Compassion:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group

Uncover the secrets to a balanced life and master these four skill sets:
Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, Interpersonal and Emotion Regulation.

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Dancing Mindfulness Practice

Dancing Mindfulness is a multimodal expressive arts practice created by
Jamie Marich in 2012 based on her lived experiences of dance as
healing. Dancing Mindfulness is a ‘come as you are’ experience – no
dance experience is required.

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Women in Transition Retreat

Time for Re-imagining Work & Life Transitions! Come and join our
weekly group meetings for professional women who are poised to lean
in during their transition journey and cultivate their own unique
pathways toward rediscovery, purpose, and joy. We are excited to

facilitate this meaningful Woman in Transition Retreat to bring together
powerful and empowered women in our community together.

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Couples Retreat: Eight Principles of Loving Relationship

This is a powerful intensive retreat for couples to renew and recharge. Each experience is a two-day retreat of 4 hours each day focusing on strengthening communication, conflict resolution, and tools to deepen attunement, connection, and intimacy. Sign up for updates and to reserve this retreat with your partner.

Youth Empowerment Group

In response to the National Call to Action to close the gap of the availability and accessibility to culturally relevant mental health services
and support for our youth, we are very delighted to announce our virtual Summer and Spring Break Retreats for Young Black Students (16-18 age group). Six member limit to each group. Early Registration is now open.